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Work-At-Home Heroes

Feb 1, 2021

When Amira Alvarez was working at her corporate job, she sought to have the freedom of time and be her boss. She shares how she came to the idea of being extraordinary, which eventually led her to work from home by starting her own coaching business. Out of all things that interest her, being a coach sparked a passion in her life. She explained why coaching seemed like the best fit for her as a full-time job and how she made her first 30 grand and eventually to a 7-figure cash flow in the long run while doing what she loves. 

If you want to find and do what your heart desires, Amira’s success story and her up and downs handling the business will inspire people seeking the same dream. Tune in as we talk about the story behind Amira Alvarez, the highly successful founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, and what makes a woman truly unstoppable.