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Work-At-Home Heroes

Jan 4, 2021

Danielle Gagnon helps busy entrepreneurs get back to the work they genuinely love by elevating their brands and taking on their time-consuming marketing tasks. Danielle explains why she decided to leave her nine-to-five job and pursue her Work-At-Home passion. Learn about configuring your website or Etsy listing to attract your ideal clients with SEO naturally. Tune in as Danielle speaks about overcoming her limiting beliefs to become an entrepreneur and what it’s like to work at home with your spouse.

In This Episode:

  • [00:05] Meet Danielle Gagnon. Danielle speaks about what her life was like before she left her nine-to-five.
  • [08:15] What it’s like to Work-At-Home with children.  
  • [12:45] About SEO and how to get more sales on Etsy.  
  • [17:30] How to make money on Etsy without producing anything.
  • [23:15] Overcoming limiting beliefs to become an entrepreneur. 
  • [29:35] What it’s like to Work-At-Home with your spouse. 
  • [33:30] Advice to people who want to Work-At-Home.

Key Takeaways:

  • SEO is a way to write and structure a website (or Etsy listing) that helps you naturally attract your ideal customers. 
  • It takes someone with a creative spirit to make money on Etsy. 
  • Etsy doesn’t have to be a massive time commitment; it’s something that you can easily do in addition to a nine-to-five job.

Meet Danielle Gagnon

I help busy entrepreneurs (like you!) get back to the work you truly love, elevating your brand and taking on the marketing tasks that take up your time. I've always been a writer and a creator. As a child, you could find me spending my free time writing poems and stories (when I wasn't running my neighborhood detective agency). In college, I turned my passion for writing into a journalism degree, and from there worked for three years as a reporter at daily newspapers in my native New Hampshire. I changed careers in 2013 and entered the world of marketing, where I've happily grown my skills and expertise ever since. I've worked in the education industry, the firearms industry and the health and fitness industry, helping small companies build their brands and share their passions with the world.

Now, I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to up their game, elevating their brand with graphic design, email marketing, content marketing and social media management.  As a working wife and mother, I know how hard it is to try to do it all.

I believe that entrepreneurs should be working ON their business, not FOR their business. Let me take some of your marketing work off your plate, so you can get back to the parts of your business that only you can do!


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