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Work-At-Home Heroes

Feb 8, 2021

Motherhood while working a corporate job was not how Tracy Morgan envisioned it at all. She shares how shifting into a working-from-home role became a pivotal experience in her life. Mothers like her go through different challenges, like having that existential crisis of not being the mom she thought she would be. Wanting to fulfill her duties, she made an impactful decision that earned her the title of one of the best moms in the world and a biz consultant for over 14 years--all from the comfort of her own home.

Tracy explains what made her start her own business in a work-from-home setup and reset her career to fit into a mother's role. She continues to inspire mothers who are starting their own businesses at home and teaches them how to scale it productively. Though there were setbacks along the way, like disciplining the kids and struggling with inner voices, she emerged victoriously. The episode closes with a heart-warming lesson for us all to break free from what's keeping you unfree.