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Work-At-Home Heroes

Mar 15, 2021

While teaching in the UCLA Writers’ Program, the experience highlighted a need for one-on-one mentorship in the writing process to help students become better writers and meet their goals. Focusing on the ‘why’ of writing helped move Jennie Nash out of the grind and inspired her to develop a new teaching model.  

Mar 8, 2021

Eric Brotman, the CEO of BFG Financial Advisors, looks back on how he started his business and what he has learned about financial advisors over time. Concerned that many people do not have any financial education, he created a resource, "Don't Retire... Graduate!" as a free guidebook for readers to make the best...

Mar 1, 2021

Where the party is, Venese Lau is hosting it. Venese worked to light up the nightlife, she enjoyed organizing events and had always been on the go up until events & gatherings were canceled. It may have halted her onsite job, but she switched to working from home to cater to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make it...