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Work-At-Home Heroes

Oct 29, 2018

Sherri Stotler is a mother of two and former office manager. Stotler decided it was time to work from home after her children were born and started off with a large virtual assisting (VA) agency, which she did for about six months.

She soon saw the potential of earning more money with her own business, much to the...

Oct 22, 2018

Aiden McFarland worked in the amusement park industry in Los Angeles and was on the verge of a mental and physical breakdown due to his stressful job and long commute.

He decided enough was enough and turned his side hustle into a full-time, work-at-home business in which he is a virtual assistant and business...

Oct 15, 2018

Jennifer Mackey-Mary was a career-driven mobile corporate trainer in the fashion industry.

After her first child was born, she decided to stay home with her daughter and started a home-based business in direct sales selling jewelry.

She soon discovered that selling jewelry wasn’t a good fit, but along the way realized...

Oct 8, 2018

Tim Burke is a semiretired broadcast news anchor turned voiceover artist.

After he moved to a beautiful home in Michigan, he realized he was working too much to be able to enjoy it.

Soon after that, Tim was let go from his job, but instead of moving again, he saw that there was much work available in the voiceover...

Oct 1, 2018

Sonya Bethea is a virtual assistant in the real estate and home-cleaning niche.

Prior to that, she worked at a call center. After Bethea decided enough is enough, she quickly landed a job with a real estate agent as a virtual assistant. This allowed her to quit her full-time job and focus her efforts on running her...